School Timelines and Costs

The 5-acre land for this Academy was acquired by ACEF Inc in 2004 and registered with the Land Department of Ghana.  The development of this school is a five-year project with seven phases estimated to cost approximately one half of a million dollars [$506,000]. The seven phases of the project are as follows:

 2015 – 2016: Phase 1 of the school project is the provision of infrastructural facilities including:
[1] provision of concrete security fencing around  the school land,
[2] installation of two secure entrance gates and security stations and
[3] drilling and installation of two deep wells for water and two water towers.  Phase one is estimated to cost twenty-six thousand US dollars [$26,600], and is fully funded by a grant from Liddell Foundation of Dallas, Texas, which was facilitated by Jacob and Kourtney Hartsock family of Norman Oklahoma. 

2016:  Phase 2: Electrification Projects, including provision of two dedicated electrical generators on site, provision of electric poles, and wiring of the entire compound.  Purchase and installation of solar panels recommended by Engineers Without Borders
Phase 2 is estimated to cost seventy-five thousand US dollars [$75,000].

2016Phase 3:  Provision of one administrative office building, 2 Kindergarten Classrooms, Toilets, Kitchen & Dining Hall, and provision of a School Bus. 
Phase 3 is estimated to cost ninety thousand US dollars [$90,000]

2017:  Phase 4:  Provision of 6 Primary School Classrooms, Headmaster's office, Computer Lab and an Auditorium.
Phase 4 is estimated to cost eighty thousand US dollars [$80,000].

2018:  Phase 5:  Provision of 3 Junior High School Classrooms, construction of a Science Laboratory & Library building, and acquisition of library books.   
Phase 5 is estimated to cost ninety thousand US dollars [$90,000].

2019:  Phase 6:  Provision of Dormitories for Boys & Girls and a Guest house.
Phase 6 is estimated to cost eighty thousand US dollars [$80,000].

2020:  Phase 7:  Provision of 3 Senior High School Classrooms.
Phase 7 is estimated to cost sixty-five thousand US dollars [$65,000].

Status Of Funding:  Phase 1 is fully funded by Liddell Foundation of Dallas, Texas.  Funding for Phases 2 to 7 are pending.